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    Visit the Old Town of Marmaris

    The town centre of Marmaris is where the castle, port and marina are located. Marmaris Castle is an ancient castle, now a museum, that overlooks the whole area around the harbour and gives you a taste of the old town's character. Many of these historical structures are in a good state of preservation.

    The marina is one of the largest and modern marinas in the Southern Aegean. It has always been an important port because, in ancient times, Marmaris was a place of trade people from the Island of Rhodes and Egyptians. Sea transportation here was quite advanced even in the very olden days. Today, this large and modern marina is frequented by luxury yachts and boats. Some of the local boats are available for hire to visit the islands and bays along its coast.

    Explore the Marinas in Marmaris

    The sailing community in Marmaris and surroundings is big. Boat owners and sailors can find any number of marinas for all shapes and sizes of boats and yachts

    The prices for both buying and renting moorings, and whether for long or short term, are dependent on the size of your boat or yacht, the time of the year, the particular Marina’s location, services included and the owner’s profile. For these reasons it is not possible to state an average mooring cost. What you can expect is that during the high summer season the prices rise dramatically. Boat Rentals are offered daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

    You’ll find three Marinas situated in Marmaris Town itself and two other marinas located in Orhaniye and Karacasöğüt towns.

    Experience the Rich History of Marmaris.

    Marmaris has a notable history as well as a vibrant present. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas of the Aegean . Here the earliest settlements date from 1200s BCE. The ruins of The Nimara Cave located on Heaven Island, just south of Marmaris, are a great example.

    The Carians were the first inhabitants. Then the Rhodesians (Island of Rhodes), Egyptians, Persians, Ionians, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines and the Ottomans all lived here.

    You can see the ruins of many ancient cities in Marmaris: Physkos, Amos, Bybassos, Kastabos, Syrna, Larymna, Thyssanos, Phoenix, Loryma, Kasara, Kedrai, Euthena, Amnistos…to name just some!

    Visit the Nimara Cave

    Located just south of Marmaris and on Heaven Island, The Nimara Cave demonstrates that the history of the region began in the 3400s BCE.

    The space in the cave reaches heights between three and five metres and has a width of 5 metres.

    In ancient times, the cave was used as a place of worship. According to the writings of ancient Greek historian Herodotus, human presence in the cave (as well as the old city of Physkos, today called Marmaris), dates back to 3,000 BCE.