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    Enjoy the Silence in the Small Towns around Marmaris

    Bayır Village

    Bayır Village is located 24 km to the southwest of Marmaris. The village is often included on the popular Jeep Safari Tours.

    Bayır is famous for its historical plane tree, the remains of the ancient City of Syrna and its Mosque. You can enjoy taking a break and drinking your coffee, tea or ayran ( a refreshing local yoghurt drink) under the huge plane tree in the village square.

    The plane tree at the centre of the village is thought to be 2300 years old. According to legend, if you walk once around the old plane tree, your life will be longer. There is a plaque on the tree attesting to its great age and provenance.


    Hisarönü, which was known as Erene in history, is located to the southwest of Marmaris.

    You’ll come across the ruins of a hospital around Hisarönü. This is because in both the Byzantine and Ottoman Periods, it was believed that the clear sea and fresh air of the area were efficacious in the treatment of many diseases.

    It is best seen in the afternoon when the colours and light are superb. In Hisarönü. the intense heat of summer in Marmaris is much tempered. The varied colours of the flora and fauna are complemented by the expanse of red sands along the Hisarönü coast. The panoramas are beautiful!

    Hisarönü is also a popular spot for amateur fisherman!


    Bozburun is located 45 km southwest of Marmaris. It’s a popular town especially for yacht tourism. Life here is very calm and the environment is quiet with a relatively small population (just 2,000 people). There are a few hotels, hostels and restaurants in this small town.

    Bozburun is best known for its yacht and gulet shipyards. Gulets are traditional wooden masted sailing boats similar to caiques. Many of the gulets used on the famous Blue Voyages along the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas are built here. There are many repair workshops in the region.

    Bozburun is also located within the boundaries of the ancient city of Larymna. You can walk around the ruins of this ancient city and experience some unforgettable landscapes! 

    Söğüt and Taşlıca Villages

    Söğüt and Taşlıca villages are located to the southwest of Marmaris. Söğüt is about 38 km from Marmaris and Taşlıca is about 4.5 km from Söğüt. They both overlook the Söğüt bay.

    To the southwest of the village, at a distance of about one kilometre, you can see the scant remains of the ancient city of Thyssanos.

    The Saranda Cove is the gateway to the sea as the main part of the village is slightly inland at three km from the shore. The cove has some very impressive panoramas.

    Taşlıca is about 5 km from Söğüt. The road between these two points is impressive. The remains of the ancient city of Phoenix are 4 km from Taşlıca on the Asar Hill.

    Serçe Harbour near to the village of Taşlıca is another interesting place. It’s located 8 km from the village. Serçe Harbour is a popular stop for the blue voyage yachts and boats. The sea is very bright and clean. The area is very protected and offers safe haven to yachts even in the stormiest weather.

    Enjoy the Nightlife!

    By day you can enjoy the sun, the sea and the beaches in Marmaris. But at night the  fun doesn't stop. Marmaris is famous for its colourful and dynamic nightlife. In bar streets and discos music and fun goes on until the early hours. Special Boat Parties are another way in which you can have fun in the evenings!

    Listen to the Birds in the Pine Forests

    In Marmaris, there is a bay called “Bördübet”, the name is derived from the English expression “bird’s bed”. It is famous for its wide variety of bird life in the expansive pine forests. It’s a great place to enjoy birdsong.