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    Feel the Breeze at the Meeting Point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean

    “Blue Voyages” in Marmaris

    Marmaris is also a major centre for blue cruise and gulet holidays, as well as luxury yacht charters. It has a wonderful combination of isolated coves and bays, secluded beaches, turquoise waters, and a wide choice of places to moor in. It is widely considered as the jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. There are more than 1,0000 km of coastline to explore thar keeps people coming back year after year.  

    Amongst the things to admire are the beautiful pine-covered hills plunging into the sea, turquoise waters, natural fine golden sandy beaches, natural parks and idyllic coves.

    Daily Boat Trips in Marmaris

    Daily boat trips from Marmaris are another famous attraction for sea lovers and are  one of the most popular things to do here. There are various itineraries on offer from the Marmaris harbour which include  Long Beach and İçmeler Beach for visits to  bays, coves and islands such as the famous Paradise Island, various Caves, Aquarium and Green Sea Bays, Kumlubük and Turunç Beaches.

    Take a dip in the Turquoise Sea, feel the Golden Sands under your feet in Secluded Bays and Beaches

    Some of the bays and coves offer unparalleled experiences swimming in pristine turquoise waters, walking on beaches of golden sand and enjoying the fresh air!

    Cleopatra Island

    Marmaris is an earthly paradise that was even irresistible to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Legend has it that Cleopatra, the last Hellenistic queen of ancient Egypt, swam on Sedir Island, 10 kilometres north of Marmaris Town Centre. For this reason,  this island is also known as Cleopatra Island today.

    Turunç Bay

    As one of the best-known bays of Marmaris, Turunç has pure turquoise waters that will remind you of an aquarium. Close to the sea, you’ll find modern and traditional restaurants, walking areas, and both luxury and boutique hotels. It’s possible to reach Turunç by driving or by boat.

    Yalancıboğaz (The Lying Strait)

    This natural phenomenon resembles a strait setting out from Marmaris and is popularly described as the Lying Strait. It connects the Nimara Peninsula (Paradise Island) to the mainland. Yalancıboğaz was a marina in the past. It still has a marina and the boat yards of Marmaris are located here. Paradise Island (Nimara Peninsula) stretches out from Marmaris. The peninsula is on the itinerary of many of the daily tour boats. Alternatively, you can drive or take the public minibus service to reach the strait, just 8 km from the city centre. Once there you can walk to Paradise Island and Nimara Cave.

    Kumlubük Bay

    An unspoilt bay to get away from it all! Located to the south of Marmaris, Kumlubük Bay has pristine clear turquoise water set in the middle of lush greenery. The beaches are rarely crowded and it’s a great place to enjoy tranquillity and seclusion on golden sands.

    Bördübet Bay

    Another bay which is enclosed by forests of pine trees. The name “Bördübet”, is a reference to the diversity of bird species here as first noticed by English-speaking visitors They called it “bird’s bed” and the Turkish name is a corruption of that phrase. If you’re looking for a delightful beach in order to relax then you need go no further!

    Amos Bay

    Located between Turunç and Kumlubük, Amos Bay is famous for its crystal clean water. There is no public transport to this secluded area, you can get there by using your own car or by boat. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel and mask as the snorkelling here is great and you won’t want to miss seeing the ruins of the Ancient City of Amos!

    Boncuk Bay

    Located to the north of the Marmaris district, Boncuk Bay boasts a navy-blue sea along with golden sands! Boncuk Bay is a breeding ground for sharks and therefore a protected bay. It is forbidden to swim in certain areas, but swimming in other areas is not dangerous. The sea is so clear that you can see the golden sands even at a depth of 20 metres.

    Orhaniye Kızkumu Beach

    This bay is so shallow that it is possible to walk across it from one shoreline to the other. Another excellent place for a secluded swim.