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    Pine Honey

    In the Marmaris region, you’ll see many pine trees forests. They are much loved by the local people for creating great vistas, giving shade and for their part in the production of the famous local honey!

    Pine honey is produced by honey bees that collect honeydew (‘‘basura’’) from a certain species  (‘‘Marchalina hellenica’’) that lives on some pine tree species (‘‘Pinus brutia’’ and ‘‘Pinus pinea’’).

    Pine honey is produced in the towns of Muğla, Marmaris, Aydın and Kuşadası and their close environs. It is also produced in Çanakkale and in particular parts of Mount Ida. The main reason for this fact is that Marchaline hellenicas species secreting the honeydew can only live in these regions.


    The southwest of the Aegean Türkiye has the perfect climate for almond trees. The almond tree gives us two beautiful things. The first thing are its flowers. In February and March, the white flowers of the almond tree dance in the wind on Marmaris streets. And the second thing are its delicious almond nuts. Try them and you’ll find that you are eating the most delicious and fresh almonds here in Marmaris and Datça!  

    Vegetable dishes cooked with olive oil

    Olives are an essential element of Aegean Cuisine. Whether as the centre piece of the breakfast table or the base of olive oil, olives are an ever present!

    Marmaris is typical of the region in that it boasts many elaborate olive oil dishes, as examples, Kabak Çiçeği Dolması (stuffed zucchini flower), Şevketi Bostan and sea beans.

    Goat milk products

    Goats love hilly slopes and the Marmaris region has plenty so there are lots of goats in this area.

    These goats give the local people milk. And this milk is used to produce delicious yoghurts, cheeses and other dairy products.